CNC Manufacturing Consulting

From the Experts at ICAM

Our On-Site Consulting Services

ICAM’s Consulting Services are often used as an alternative to formal ICAM training courses. These services are commonly required when difficult and very specific NC design and manufacturing issues arise. On-site mentoring services provide users access to a vast NC manufacturing knowledge-base that can be directly applied to individual manufacturing environments. Implementing solutions to meet the most difficult NC manufacturing issues is what ICAM does best.

ICAM’s consultants will perform on-site evaluations of specific NC post-processors developed using CAM-POST. They will also perform detailed analyses focusing on the integration of specific CAD / CAM output files with each respective CNC machine tool. Subsequently, a report will be generated recommending specific modifications to improve existing post-processors. Furthermore, ICAM’s experts will review any additional NC post-processing features and / or special manufacturing productivity options that may improve overall production.

  • Generate NC programs for parts designed with all major CAD / CAM systems
  • Develop and integrate custom post-processors quickly and efficiently
  • Interface output generated from major CAD / CAM systems to leading CNC machines tool and controllers
  • Provide support for complex multi-axes CNC machines
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Looking to ensure a smooth transition to V23?

When upgrading our software from one major release to another, its important to make sure that the results you are receiving are predictable and reliable.In order to do this, we offer a special package that includes planning and implementation of a rigorous regression test, assuring consistent NC output from various versions of CAM-POST & CAD/CAM systems. This guarantees a smooth transition and minimizes down-time that may otherwise pop up down the road.

Implementation Consulting

ICAM’s technical consultants provide fundamental support to customers integrating new machines, technologies, concepts and methodologies into their NC manufacturing environment.

The proper manufacturing software and the appropriate computer hardware is only part of a successful NC manufacturing software execution. ICAM’s implementation services provide integration support and engineering services to ensure the NC post-processor and its components are installed correctly and operational.

An ICAM Sales Account Manger will discuss individual client needs and requirements during initial discussions. Client objectives resulting from the consultation will form a basis for a prioritized implementation strategy.

  • NC manufacturing software set-up and installation
  • Project management to ensure the defined objectives are achieved on schedule
  • Assist customers with the maximization of advanced CNC machines tool functions
  • Training services to ensure a successful system adoption by the customer
  • Realization of immediate return on ICAM’s NC manufacturing software investment

Learn Mastercam best-practices to create optimized toolpaths, post-processors & G-code.

  • Efficiently and accurately integrate and launch ICAM’s post-processing & machine simulation technology inside Mastercam
  • Implement industry proven best-practices to generate optimized toolpaths inside Mastercam
  • Fine-tune Mastercam NC programs to assure perfect and collision-free G-code
  • Deploy ICAM’s unique post-processing optimization features for precision parts and reduced manufacturing cycle-time
  • Leverage ICAM’s technology to accurately support complex multi-axes CNC machine programs

From Mastercam toolpath creation to the development of post-processors and G-code based simulation sessions, Mastercam users will benefit from the latest programming best-practices developed to successfully integrate their NC programs within a production environment.

ICAM’s release of its post-processing and simulation products to the Mastercam market, allows Mastercam users to benefit from optimized NC manufacturing programs for standard 2/3-axis mill and lathes as well as complex multi-axis applications.

Integrated post-processing and machining simulation is made possible with Virtual Machine® and CAM-POST® – ICAM’s machine tool simulator and NC post-processing development tool, respectively. This combination delivers an innovative simulation environment that provides NC programmers with the means to test programs against collisions and over-travel, easily and automatically, during post-processing – a unique feature in the NC manufacturing industry.

Machining simulation sessions have been simplified with the launch of ICAM’s Mastercam Extractor featured inside Virtual Machine. To efficiently create machine models in Virtual Machine, Mastercam Extractor allows for the automatic data extraction of the tool, part, stock, fixtures and holders, as described in Mastercam X2 and later.

CATIA / CAM-POST ON-Site Consulting

Senior ICAM consultants will provide their expertise and mentor on manufacturing strategies, processes, industry standards and technologies when CATIA and CAM-POST are integrated on the following machining platforms.

Lathe – NCI, LMG

NC programmers will learn how to define and manage turning operations and explore advanced CATIA capabilities such as machining operations, parameters and transition paths. Users will also learn how to develop and use CAM-POST post-processors to create advanced NC manufacturing programs.

Milling – NCI, PMG, SMG

NC programmers will learn to utilize the CATIA / CAM-POST integrated platform for 2.5 to 4-axes machining applications. Users will also learn to develop and use CAM-POST post-processors to generate advanced NC manufacturing programs.

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Mill/Turn – NCI, PMG, SMG, AMG, LMG

This course is customized for users adept with the CATIA NC milling and turning workbenches (NCI, PMG, SMG, AMG, LMG). NC programmers will learn how to use the CATIA / CAM-POST integrated platform to perform multi-axes Mill/Turn machining applications as well as develop and utilize CAM-POST post-processors to generate Mill/Turn NC manufacturing programs.

Advanced – NCI, PMG, SMG, AMG

NC programmers will learn to use the CATIA / CAM-POST integrated platform for 2.5 to multi-axes (AMG) machining applications as well as develop and use CAM-POST post-processors to generate multi-axes NC manufacturing programs.