How to control automatic tool calibration in Mastercam

Some machines offer a WIPS (Wireless Intuitive Probe System) option, allowing for the automatic tool calibration and setup of length and diameter offsets. This function is usually activated by a subprogram call (example: G65 P9023 T##).

In order support this option in Mastercam, two actions are required: The first consists in customizing Mastercam to allow the definition of WIPS tool calibration. The second requires the customization of the CAM-POST post-processor to generate the appropriate subprogram call.

1. Mastercam Customization:

  • From the Mastercam tool bar, select Settings → Machine Definition Manager…

  • Click the Edit the control definition icon on the top menu bar.

  • Activate the Text tab and type the following text in the first Miscellaneous Integer field:

“Tool calibration (1=activate)”

  • Press to exit the control definition dialog and Save the changes when prompted.
  • Press again to exit the machine definition dialog and Save the changes once again.
  • In the Mastercam job, edit the properties of the toolpaths which require tool calibration. Select Misc Values on the left-hand pane and enter 1 in the first field, which is now labeled Tool calibration (1 = activate).

2. CAM-POST Customization:

  • Open your post-processor in the Questionnaire.
  • In the Post-processor Customization section, write the following Toolchange shutdown macro:

  • When executing the post, all Mastercam operations where Miscellaneous Integer #1 has been set to 1 will produce the tool calibration subprogram call with the current tool number.

Benefit to User
Allow for the automatic tool calibration and setup of length and diameter offsets.

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