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Post-processors custom-built for your unique machine setup

At ICAM we’ve been building world-class custom NC post-processors for over 45 years. Thanks to our in-depth machining and industry knowledge, partnerships with major CAM systems and exclusive CAM-POST development platform , we can build exceptional posts for all major machine tools and CNC controller brands, including all classes of CNC equipment featuring any combination of rotary heads and/or rotary tables.

Mills, Lathes, Horizontal/ Vertical Machining Centers, Merging Lathes, Multi-Tasking Mill/ Turns, Punch Presses, Wire EDMs, Water Jet Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Plasma & Flame Cutters, Hybrid and Special CNCs.


Don’t see your brand listed? Don’t worry! We build posts for any machine make and model.


The NC Code you want,
where and when you want it.

With generic posts, you’re often stuck manually modifying your G-Code to get it match up with your existing machining methodology and preferences. But with our custom-developed posts, we build your preferences and practices into the the post itself, allowing you to focus on designing your best tool-paths, while we handle the nitty-gritty.



Supports translation, rotation, scale, mirror and additive transformations.

Canned Cycles

Run your controller’s predefined cycles for drilling, milling, turning and probing.


Compensate for deviations with 3D volumetric, spindle-pitch, tool radius, and more.

Custom Macros

Fine-tune your NC output even further with powerful, custom-developed macros.

Built-in machine simulation sees and corrects errors before they happen

Rotary Pre-Winding

Extend the travel of your rotary axis by automatically winding the axis backwards before the cut, avoiding unnecessary retracts, turn-arounds and approaches.

Head-Dancing Avoidance

Automatically eliminate head and table wobbling when moving along low-angle, near- singular compound curves

Dwell mark Elimination

Take advantage of several CAM-POST features that are designed to eliminate dwell marks caused by momentary pauses in tool motions.

Want to build your own posts?

Have a look at our exclusive CAM-POST Development Platform, a full-featured post-processor IDE that we use to make posts every day.


Automatically adapt your part programs to different CNC machines with Adaptive Post-Processing

Stop reworking positioning motions in your CAM with a post that automatically adapts those motions to new machines for you.

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