How to generate package job file

Generating Package Job File (.zpj) This article highlights the steps to generate a package job file. This package job is the preferred method when sending help requests to an ICAM representative. The package job generates all the necessary information 1. When posting a job, ensure that the interface option is set to FULL. This can be changed [...]

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How do I install floating license server?

Floating license server installation This article shows a typical installation of ICAM License Server. Your installation should be similar. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation process, refer to the ICAM Installation User Guide document provided with your documentation. Note: The ICAM License Server is used with a FLOATING license. If you are using [...]

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How do I install CAM-POST?

CAM-POST installation Set-Up This section shows a typical first-time installation of CAM-POST on a client computer. Your installation should be similar. If you encounter any difficulties, refer to the ICAM Installation Guide PDF document provided with your dedicated solution. ICAM software includes two parts of installation: ICAM Productivity Tools and Integration Tools. 1. Select [...]

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How do I reset floating license?

Resetting Floating License (Max user count reached) Often times, users may be taking up keys without realizing it and the max user count would be reached. To fix this, either purchase additional licenses or reset the floating server. Here are the instructions to reset the server. 1. Open “Run” (Window key + R) and type [...]

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How do I access the CAM-POST library to read in a post-processor template file?

To enter CAM-POST library: 1. Start QUEST 2. Select General Description / General Information 3. Select Machine type: (Question 3.00) 4. Move to Control Defaults (Question 5.00) 5. Click the “…” button next to the question 6. A new window displaying a large selection of machine “controllers” will appear, similar to the screen below: [...]

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How do I solve floating license troubleshoot?

Instructions on how to get hop-count and latency to solve server connection issues 1. Determine your ICAM ID; download "icamid.exe" from the following link and run it: 2. Your ICAM ID is displayed under "ICAM System ID" 3. To determine your hop-count, click on More... 4. Enter the IP address of the server [...]

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