How to switch from diameter positioning to radius positioning and vice versa on a lathe

On a lathe where X-axis values can be output either in diameter or radius mode, the following commands can make the switch possible.

  • MODE/DIAMET: selects diameter output for the X-axis, if supported on the machine
  • MODE/RADIUS: selects radius output for the X-axis, if supported on the machine

The macro variable $XDIAM tracks the radius vs. diameter state of the X-axis output.

  • This variable can be modified to change the representation mode of diameter vs. radius X-axis values
  • The default state of this variable is the same as the default starting mode as defined in QUEST
  • Set this variable to $FALSE for radius output and $TRUE for diameter output
  • But using the variable to set the mode will not output the corresponding X-axis diameter / radius NC codes, unlike the MODE command

Benefit to user

  • Helps the user to switch the X-axis output from diameter to radius or vice versa on a lathe machine
  • One specific application is on a turn-mill machine where the X-axis values need to be in diameter mode for turning operations and in radius mode for milling operations

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