ICAM announces the Launch of the CAM-POST Wizard

ICAM Technologies , announces The CAM-POST Wizard, a powerful NEW graphical user interface tool, which allows users with all levels of expertise to create an unlimited number of NC post-processors in record time.

The Wizard is standard with CAM-POST Version 2000 post-processing software packages. Simple to use, the Wizard is designed to save you time and money, it eliminates numerous questions, replacing them with a unique graphic representation. By simply following the point and click steps you can define machine kinematics in minutes, instead of hours. Another key advantage is that the Wizard can generate the post directly.

“We’ve worked hard so you won’t have to,” said John J Nassr, President of ICAM Technologies. “We realize that post-processing can be a challenge. That is why we designed the Wizard to have images and other visual aids to make the job of developing an NC post-processor to drive your CNC machine quick and easy.“

Brian Francis, Director of Product Development for ICAM Technologies agrees, “The key to the Wizard is its simplicity to use, with just a point and click anyone can create a post.”

The Wizard will be expanded in future versions to include features like full customization.