ICAM Announces the Release of CAM-POST® V-15

ICAM Technologies Corporation developer and supplier of the world’s most advanced NC post-processing software technology is pleased to announce the release of its latest NC post-processor development tool CAM-POST®V-15.

CAM-POST V-15 builds on the momentum of previous CAM-POST releases, delivering over 100 improvements and enhancements to the functionality and usability of the software. All of the new features and enhancements are based on customer feedback and industry changes and are designed to offer the manufacturing industry a post-processing solution that is second to none in terms of quality and performance.

Virtual Machine™ ICAM’s new graphic simulation solution is fully integrated into CAM-POST V-15 as a licensed option. Virtual Machine tests for collisions between various components of the machine, tooling, fixture and the object being manufactured. CAM-POST uses this information to report problems, and in some instances, corrects them before they occur.

QUEST (the CAM-POST expert system) uses Virtual Machine to define the kinematics and physical representation of a CNC machine.

GENER (the CAM-POST machine code generator) uses Virtual Machine to detect and where possible, avoid collisions during post-processing.

Post-processor development has an exciting new look and feel, with the choice of a traditional or a new interactive, graphic Windows® based interface, that displays tab layouts, drop down lists, edit boxes, check boxes and radio buttons. CAM-POST V-15 also introduces a new developer’s “Comments” section, new “Advanced 5D Machining” specifications, and a new user customizable “Dialog Editor” feature (used to query the NC programmer while post-processing). Six new basic machine tool controller defaults have also been added as well, to “jump start” development for over 200 different controller models.

“Software quality and performance are critical issues facing the manufacturing industry today. These companies require software applications to run their business successfully. The reliability and versatility of those applications depend on the quality and performance of the software,” said John J. Nassr, President of ICAM. “Companies will no longer settle for ‘good enough.’ CAM-POST V-15 reflects the demand for quality and performance within the manufacturing industry.”

Special emphasis has been placed on simplifying the development of post-processors for the Siemens advanced SINUMERIK 840D controller. CAM-POST V-15 fully supports the Rotating Tool Center-point Programming (RTCP) capability of this and other controls; includes new functionality to symbolically describe the relationship between machine tool and work-piece coordinate systems; and now has built in support for mnemonic style controller function codes.

The macro development environment used for post-processor customization, the has been further enhanced with important new functions that provide direct access to CAM-POST’s forward and reverse kinematics engines, in addition its Visual Debugging environment has been further enhanced.

Seamless integration with CATIA V5 is an important benefit of ICAM’s Original Software Developer’s Agreement with Dassault Systemes, as are CAM-POST’s support for new CATIA features such as flank contouring and dual curve NURBS. CAM-POST V-15 includes interfaces for all major CAM systems, and many obsolete and less known systems as well.

“The integration of Virtual Machine and CAM-POST V-15 represents a radical step forward in the evolution of post-processing,” said Brian Francis, Director of Research and Development at ICAM. “I am pleased and excited to present this new release, which has come about through the synergy of advanced partners, dedicated customers and an experienced development team here at ICAM.”