ICAM & Dörries Scharmann Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement

ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) has signed a Strategic Marketing Agreement (SMA) with Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH (DST), a leading provider of CNC machine tools designed for drilling, turning, boring, milling and grinding applications primarily catered to the aerospace and defense industries.

The main purpose of this agreement is to assure the successful integration of ICAM’s NC post-processing and machine tool simulation technology with DST machine tools through the exchange of technical knowledge and product information including DST’s commercially available machine and control specifications. ICAM’s post-processors will enable end-users to take full advantage of sophisticated DST machine tool features and functionalities via their respective CAD / CAM systems.

Additionally, ICAM and DST have agreed to collaborate on strategic marketing initiatives as well as to promote each other’s products and services within the NC manufacturing market.

DST customers will also benefit from ICAM’s extensive NC post-processing experience with advanced multi-axes machining applications and techniques such as high-speed machining, tool-tip programming, coordinate frame transformations, NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data.

Furthermore, Virtual Machine® may be deployed as an integrated productivity tool to ICAM’s NC post-processing technology to create a powerful machine tool simulation environment allowing NC programmers to optimize and test programs against collisions and over-travel automatically during post-processing.

“We are pleased to work with ICAM to offer integrated ICAM NC post-processor and simulation solutions to simplify and accelerate the machine tool implementation process of our customers,” said Michael Schedler, DST’s Head of Marketing. “ICAM’s on-going collaboration with SIEMENS allows them to create proven NC post-processors for the SINUMERIK 840D, the most widely used controller for our machines.”

“DST is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality multi-axes CNC machines to the aerospace and defense industries,” says Sam Chehab, ICAM’s VP, Sales and Marketing. “This newly formed business relationship provides end-users easier access to DST’s advanced machine tool features using ICAM’s advanced solutions concurrently with all major and multiple CAD / CAM / PLM systems.”

About Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH

Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH (DST) delivers machine tools from Dörries, Droop + Rein, Scharmann Berthiez and Mecof with well proven outstanding performances for drilling, turning, boring, milling and grinding of medium and large size components. For decades DST products have been employed on many different applications worldwide. DST has developed a level of know-how which is state-of-the-art in many areas. DST machine tools are used to solve the most demanding machining tasks efficiently and to the highest standards in terms of accuracy. DST delivers the machining technologies for its customers to solve specific machining tasks in an economical way. For more information visit: www.ds-technologie.de .