ICAM Releases the Latest Version of its Post-Processing & Simulation Solution

Montreal – September 30, 2018 – ICAM Technologies Corporation announces the release of ICAM V23, the latest version of its integrated post-processing, simulation and optimization software product line.

ICAM V23 product suite provides a unique environment where post-processing, machine simulation, and rapid positioning tool-path optimization is done in a single integrated software platform.

ICAM V23’s integrated environment allows for the in-process evaluation of feedback from the post-processor and machining simulator to automatically create optimized NC program for a given CNC machine. This occurs all in one step and in one process allowing CAD/CAM users to automatically and efficiently reduce NC programming and machining cycle time.

Primarily benefiting customers with developer’s licenses, ICAM V23 promises to deliver advanced new features that help programmers create optimized NC programs for any machine kinematics. Some new features offered in V23 include:

Customer User Experience. Advancements to the user experience including a new Customer Portal & HelpDesk ticketing system. These are designed to improve communication and resolution of product issues and enhancement requests.

Additive Manufacturing. Ability to now simulate pure additive or hybrid additive machines within ICAM’s machine simulator, Virtual Machine™. New linearization mode has also been developed to reduce or avoid excess material deposits caused by momentary pauses in tool motions.

Mill-turn and Merging Lathe. A large emphasis of V23 was focused on improving the ability to support mill-turn machines. New questions and logic to better support CSS controlling head. New threading cycle questions now support CNC threading cycles. Simplification of the THREAD command to improve threading generation and simulation.

G-Code Decimals. Built-in support of decimal G and M codes makes it much simpler to develop post-processors for machines that use these non-standard codes (e.g., G43.4). All G and M code related post-processor commands were enhanced to support decimal codes.

About ICAM Technologies Corporation
ICAM Technologies specializes in the development and implementation of advanced NC post-processing and machine tool simulation solutions for manufacturers in major industries around the world. Since 1971, ICAM has been providing aerospace, automotive, medical, heavy equipment and electronic organizations with advanced NC post-processing solutions that have enabled them to increase productivity and achieve greater manufacturing performance and precision.

The evolution of ICAM’s products led to a brand new manufacturing methodology coined Adaptive Post-Processing. As opposed to traditional manufacturing methods, where machine simulation and optimization is done sequentially after post-processing, Adaptive Post-Processing provides a unique environment where post-processing, machine simulation and optimization is done in a single concurrent operation; thereby, significantly reducing programming and machine cycle time. For more information visit www.icam.com/v23.

Phil Masella is the Marketing & Communications Manager at ICAM Technologies. He can be contacted at phil@icam.com for additional information pertaining to this news release.