ICAM Technologies Moving to New Corporate Headquarters

ICAM Technologies Corporation , developer and supplier of the world’s most advanced NC post-processing solutions, announced today that it will establish its new corporate headquarters in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal.

The new 21,000 square foot facility, presently being constructed, will accommodate the company’s current headquarters group including research and development as well as sales and marketing personnel. The facility is being designed to meet the specific needs of the corporation and provides numerous opportunities for expansion based on the company’s anticipated future growth initiatives.

“ICAM Technologies has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years,” said John J. Nassr, president of ICAM. “We have outgrown our present building and have reached a point in our corporate evolution where a new facility, designed to our specifications, is an appropriate, timely and logical business decision. We conducted an in-depth analysis of our present and future requirements and, after evaluating numerous alternatives and locations, determined that Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue was the most suitable location.”

For over three decades ICAM has been contributing to the evolution of NC post-processing technology by consistently supporting the latest multi-axis NC machinery and the most advanced CNC controls. ICAM has also redefined NC post-processing by introducing new, innovative NC machining productivity tools, such as: NURBS, Arc Fitting and High Speed Machining. Manufacturers worldwide thus benefit from ICAM’s trusted “Best-in-Class” NC post-processing technology and focused expert support staff, to provide a solution tailored to their specific needs .

About ICAM Technologies

ICAM Technologies Corporation has been the industry leader in developing NC post-processing technology for over 30 years. Manufacturers in every major industry have increased productivity, achieved greater precision and gained a competitive advantage from ICAM’s advanced software solutions. ICAM’s product line includes: CAM-POST® (a permanent NC post-processing software solution compatible with all major CAD/CAM Systems, hardware platforms and NC machines). Virtual Machine® (a graphic machine tool simulator that depicts the operation and motions of a CNC machine during post-processing. Virtual Machine ® provides in-process feedback to CAM-POST® , which utilizes this information to provide collision detection and avoidance). Custom NC Post-Processors , and machining productivity tools including: High Speed Machining , NURBS , and Arc Fitting . ICAM also offers a complete range of consulting and training services designed to accelerate implementation and promote proven best practices to help our customers achieve their specific manufacturing objectives . All of ICAM’s products and services are continuously updated to maintain leading edge quality, supporting the latest developments in CAD/CAM systems, NC machinery and CNC controls.