Did you know that CAM-POST can automatically determine the CAM interface kit?

If you are using multiple CAM systems, CAM-POST can generally automatically determine the appropriate CAM interface kit based on the file extension and contents of the CLDATA file (e.g., aptsource, cls, nci…). Using the “Automatic” interface simplifies running CAM-POST, since you do not have to remember to manually switch CAM interfaces each time you post-process for a different CAM system.

The CAM interface kit can also be selected using the [CAM] button on the CAM-POST GENER launch panel. CAM-POST automatically recognizes the following CAM formats:

Format File type
CATIA aptsource
Creo ncl
hyperMILL pof
Mastercam nci
NX cls, clf
PowerMill cut
SurfCAM apt

Benefit to User
Choosing the Automatic CAM interface where possible simplifies use of the post-processor, especially in multi-CAM environments.

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