Do you know that CAM-POST V21 has new options available to pause Material Removal and Gouge Detection?

The VM Mode toolbar has two new buttons (shown circled below) that can be used to temporarily inhibit material removal simulation (MRS) and tool vs. part gouge detection.

When the “Pause Material Removal” menu bar selection is active, the in-process stock and machinable fixtures will not be affected by the cutting action of the tool. Temporarily inhibiting MRS can be useful to ignore further invalid cutting actions of a tool, during the early simulation phase of a manufacturing program. Also, when used with Run»Restart, a program can be quickly run once without MRS and if necessary a second time with MRS following the restart, without having to change the “Enable Material Removal Simulation” setting in the launch panel VM pane.

When the “Pause Gouge Detection” menu bar selection is active, interference (i.e., collisions) will no longer be diagnosed between the cutting tool and the design part. Temporarily inhibiting tool/part collisions can be useful to speed up scribing or engraving operations, if the part design does not include the image being scribed or engraved.

Benefit to User
Temporarily inhibiting material removal simulation and gouge detection can be useful tools during the early stages of simulation analysis.

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