Did you know that ICAM Virtual Machine simulation can detect “near” collisions?

Virtual Machine is simulation software that can be paired with CAM-POST, to diagnose machine over-travels and collisions during post-processing. When used with ICAM’s patent pending SmartPATH technology, the post-processor can automatically avoid collisions and over-travel conditions. Virtual Machine can also be paired with ICAM’s Control Emulator, to perform so called “G code” simulation.

Setting collision detection in Virtual Machine is a simple process. Using QUEST, edit your machine model, right-mouse on the machine object and select the “Test for collision” menu entry. When the collision dialog appears, first select the “Entire branch” radio button, then select the “Enable” checkbox and finally press OK to set the collision status. A “Safety” distance can be specified to diagnose near collisions.

A green dot will now be shown in the model beside each component of the machine to indicate that collision testing is enabled; a red dot would be shown if collision testing is disabled. Collision testing and safety distances can also be enabled or disabled individually for each component:

The timeline control of the Virtual Machine simulation allows programmers to visualize all collisions detected during the simulation:

Collisions are identified by horizontal red bar in the TimeLine window; the left edge of the red bar marks the moment in time where a collision occurs and the corresponding right edge marks the point where the simulation is again collision free. When MRS (material removal simulation) is activated, Virtual Machine also performs collision checking between collision enabled components and the in-process stock. These collisions (e.g., tool rapiding into stock) are identified by horizontal amber bars in the top row of the TimeLine window.

Benefit to User
To know how to enable and visualize collisions detected by Virtual Machine simulation.

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