Did you know that multiple-turn helical motions are now supported in Version 20?

On many CAM systems, thread milling and hole milling operations generate helical interpolation motions in the CAM aptsource file. Prior to V20, the upper limit on any circular or helical motion was a full 360° circle, which resulted in multiple circular blocks being output by GENER to produce the helix. With V20, the complete thread or helical spiral can be output in a single block.

The multiple turn capability is defined in the QUEST “Control Description / Circular and Helical Interpolation”section. Helical interpolation must first be enabled in General tab question #2.3. Then enable the Helical tab question #35.

Helical tab responses for some common CNC’s are listed in the table below.

Benefit to User
This new feature simplifies and shortens the NC program file when thread milling, circle milling or for helical spiral pocket entries.

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