SmartFEED™ – Automatically Optimize Cutting Feed-Rates

SmartFEED optimizes cutting feed-rates by using material removal simulation to automatically recalculate the best machining feed-rate based on the machine tool capabilities, tool reference cuts and the real-time engagement of the cutting tool in the in-process stock material.


*Feed-Rate in Inch per Minute (IPM), Total Machine Time – 43 seconds – 28% Reduction in Machining Time!

blue-dot Vector Showing end of Blocs     red-dot Rapid Motions     green-dot Feed-rate Cutting Motions

  • SmartFEED allows for the full control over feed-rate parameters to automatically optimize feed-rates in your part programs. SmartFEED is easy to use and can be entirely controlled from post-processor commands. It also includes post-processor run-time dialogs for programmers who prefer a more interactive approach.
  • SmartFEED relies on reference cut information to perform material removal rate (MRR) based feed optimization. A reference cut defines, among other things, the depth, width, feed and speed of a successful cut, which the software then uses to determine the feed and optional speeds to use for the feed motions present in the NC program.
  • SmartFEED allows NC programmers to place limitations on the spindle speed, feed-rate and spindle power and provides settings to define what constitutes a significant change in feed-rate, to define the material removal sampling rate, and more. These are designed to assist the NC programmer in achieving an optimal balance between overall processing time, CNC program size and smoothly changing feed-rates.
* ICAM’s Smart Technology modules are currently only available in North America and Europe and will made available in Asia in the future.