SmartPATHTM for Automatic Tool Path Optimization and Migration

Machining tool paths are divided to cutting and positioning (i.e., rapid) paths. Positioning paths are non-cutting motions that must be minimized to increase machining efficiency. Path planning for multi-axis positioning motions is a challenging task. Programmers need to spend a lot of effort to adjust positioning motions in the CAM systems and later verify them by machine simulation to achieve safe positioning paths that are both collision-free and within machine travel limits.

When a designed part requires a tool path program, in some cases, programmers do not know which machine will be available and what kind of fixture can be used in the workshop. In another scenario, a programmer may complete a program for a table/table machine, however, this machine may be unavailable for months and a new program would need to be developed for a different machine with different kinematics, say a head/head machine.

In the latter instances, programmers would require to modify their program for positioning paths to make sure the tool path can be properly machined on a different machine.

With SmartPATH, programmers do not need to spend time on path planning for positioning motions. Just simply insert ICAM’s post-processor command SMARTP/ON and run Gener with Virtual Machine simulation. SmartPATH will automatically perform path-planning and optimization to create optimal positioning paths allowing the CAM program to be easily migrated from one machine to another. SmartPATH generates rapid motions on-the-fly during post-processing.

Benefit to User
SmartPATH automatically optimizes rapid positioning tool path motions generated by CAD/CAM systems and automatically migrates a part program between CNC machines with different kinematics.

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