Streamline your manufacturing environment with ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ Solution

Don’t fall behind the competition, we are entering a new era in manufacturing and you will want to be ahead of the curve by maximizing your productivity and optimizing your workflow.


We have just released a new explainer video to show you how our Adaptive Post-Processing technology can help you streamline your manufacturing environment by providing a unique software platform where you can focus on programming the best cutting tool-paths, while Adaptive Post-Processing automatically creates optimized and collision-free RAPID positioning motions. This allows you to easily transfer your part programs to any available machine without the need to reprogram your part.


Many of our clients have experienced a reduction in programming time of up to 35%. This boils down to saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while allowing you to take on much more work throughout the year.


Not only is Adaptive Post-Processing reducing programming time, but it is also reducing machine cycle time by eliminating time-wasting air cuts and adjusting feed rates based on depth-of-cut and stock hardness.


This is all backed by a complete training and service program to get you up and running with continued support along the way. So, if you’re ready to give your company the upgrade it needs and deserves, contact us today and we will be sure to provide exactly what you need to step ahead of your competition.