Post-Processor Simulation

With ICAM’s Virtual Machine®

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See How Your CNC Will Behave While You Post-Process Your CAM File

Virtual Machine® enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs, easily & automatically, against collisions and over-travels. Virtual Machine® allows NC programmers to avoid and correct possible programming errors that may have resulted in costly machine tool collisions and defective parts. Virtual Machine® can also be seamlessly combined with CAM-POST®, providing Graphic Post-Processing™ – machine simulation during the post-processing phase. Additionally, Virtual Machine® can simulate G-code by implementing ICAM’s Control Emulator™ verification software.

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Supports a Wide Range of CAD/CAM Systems

Virtual Machine® is built for complete compatibility with all major CAD/CAM systems like CATIA, NX CAM, creo & Mastercam. This flexibility allows the software to be quickly and easily integrated into your existing workflow with minimal implementation time.

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Compatible with All Types & Models of CNC Machines & Controllers

Virtual Machine’s advanced simulation capabilities support all major makes and models of CNC Machine-Controller pairings including industry leaders like Mazak, Fanuc & Siemens.

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See our Machine Simulation in Action

Looking to see our Machine Simulation Solutions in Action? Click on a category from the selection below for quick videos showcasing our simulation tackling a number of different controller and machine brands, kinematics, and special options.


Simulate CNC Machining One Block at a Time

Graphic NC Post-Processing™ is a real-time graphic simulation of the block-to-block machine tool motion instructions generated by the NC post-processor. Graphic NC Post-Processing uses a single database to simultaneously execute the NC post-processor and the Virtual Machine® graphic engine. Since the two technologies are fully integrated, Virtual Machine® provides real-time feedback to the post-processor; thereby, allowing manufacturing issues such as machine collisions and over-travel to be automatically detected and repaired.

Supports Mill/Turn Machining Centers

Virtual Machine® features full support for mill/turn centers including synchronizing dual turret merging lathes, accurately simulating constant surface speed as well as defining and modelling lathe tool inserts and generic 3D tool holders. Virtual Machine® also provides the environment to define a rotary axis as either a spindle or a lathe tool turret providing greater support for different machines.


This feature supports Virtual Machine® simulation of manufacturing processes that involve one or more changes of clamping and/or part location on the machine. Multi-setup also automatically tracks the in-process stock state as a part progresses from one manufacturing program to another.

Simulation Recording

This feature automatically records the complete post-processing and simulation session for later review and analysis. Programs can be post-processed with Virtual Machine® simulation overnight and/or in background and then later viewed on the same or a different workstation.

Material Removal

Virtual Machine® supports superior material removal capabilities for in-process stock collision and gouge detection. This functionality allows NC programmers to compare the processed stock model to the original CAD/CAM design. Virtual Machine® computes in-process stock geometry to identify and display gouges, excess material, inaccessible areas and rapid-motion collisions during the post-processing and verification phase.

Unique Timeline Control

Virtual Machine® offers a unique Timeline Control that provides bi-directional review and playback of NC programs at any moment within the machining cycle. This unique function allows programmers to visualize and test NC post-processor for maximum output optimization.

Cost-Effective NC Tape Proofing

Virtual Machine® detects and corrects collisions between machine components, in real-time, during post-processing. As a result, Virtual Machine® reduces scrap materials and minimizes tool replacements, while increasing machine utilization and improving part quality.

More Efficient Post & Model Development

The machine tool and controller data for both Virtual Machine and CAM-POST® are stored and managed in the same database. This eliminates the error-prone and time-consuming alternative of entering the same data twice when using a non-integrated solution.

Machine Tool Motion Simulation

Virtual Machine® may be synchronized with the CAM-POST® interface at any collision or over-travel error; thereby, allowing the user to graphically examine the part program and tape output precisely where the problem occurred. With this powerful tool, errors that could have damaged the part, tool and fixture can be eliminated.