Strategic Marketing Alliance

Join the Industry Leader in NC Post-Processing

ICAM’s Strategic Marketing Alliance reflects a customer-focused model on building major marketing alliances with industry leaders who compliment our core business deliverables. These alliances allow us to deliver greater value to our customers and grow both our business and our partner’s business, in a mutually beneficial marketing relationship.

In today’s market, end-users demand complete solutions and service support– not just a product. The NC manufacturing industry is increasingly counting on companies to deliver total solutions and provide a single point of contact for all services and support. As a Strategic Marketing Alliance Partner, you will have access to leverage the leading NC post-processing solution to help you meet your end-user customer’s service support and complete solution needs.

When you become a Strategic Marketing Alliance Partner you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Listing on our web site as a Strategic Marketing Alliance
  • Co-marketing, co-advertising and customer presentation tools
  • Press release to promote joint ventures
  • Business Partner events
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Priority access to new product information

ICAM is committed to nurturing these relationships with professionalism and discipline to ensure success in bringing the greatest value to our customers and partners.

Discover ICAM’s commitment to building and supporting partnerships that enable you to reach your goals and succeed in your business objectives.

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ICAM Business Partner application

Why Partner With ICAM

ICAM develops partnerships with companies that seek to expand their capabilities, increase their market penetration and expand their current product offering. ICAM works closely with its partners to build a highly effective relationship that ensures mutual benefits, described below, and value for everyone involved.

  • Partner with the market leader in NC post-processing software
  • Earn substantial revenues in the NC post-processing software market
  • Benefit from a comprehensive partner marketing and support program
  • Sales and technical training on ICAM’s products and services
  • Dedicated partner support section on the ICAM Web site
  • Cooperative marketing activities

ICAM offers a number of partner programs that are suited to meet unique business needs.
Fill out the ICAM Business Partner application for more information; an ICAM representative will be contacting you shortly to further discuss various partnership opportunities.