Value-Added Reseller

Join the Industry Leader in NC Post-Processing®

The Value Added Reseller (VAR) program is designed to create a network of complimentary authorized resellers who have developed and augmented their NC post-processing expertise in re-selling and marketing ICAM post-processing solutions.   VAR’s display a track record of proven successes to market, sell, and are willing to provide complete support and services to end users for ICAM products.

VARs receive the following benefits to assist with the marketing, sales and support services of ICAM products including:

  • Product Training support
  • Marketing support
  • Co-op Marketing Activities
  • Sales support
  • Product discounts
  • Resource availability
  • Technical Support

In return, ICAM’s VARs agree to bring specific elements of their expertise to the relationship, including:

  • Actively promoting the sales of ICAM’s post-processing solutions and services in their territory, market segment and industry.
  • Maintain certification of ICAM’s products, sales and support training for dedicated personnel.
  • Ensure at least one ICAM certified technical support contact is trained and available for Customer enquiries.
  • Providing all first level support calls for customers.
  • Providing customers with up to date information regarding ICAM’s products and services.

Discover ICAM’s commitment to building and supporting partnerships that enable you to reach your goals and succeed in your business objectives.

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Why Partner With ICAM

ICAM develops partnerships with companies that seek to expand their capabilities, increase their market penetration and expand their current product offering. ICAM works closely with its partners to build a highly effective relationship that ensures mutual benefits, described below, and value for everyone involved.

  • Partner with the market leader in NC post-processing software
  • Earn substantial revenues in the NC post-processing software market
  • Benefit from a comprehensive partner marketing and support program
  • Sales and technical training on ICAM’s products and services
  • Dedicated partner support section on the ICAM Web site
  • Cooperative marketing activities

ICAM offers a number of partner programs that are suited to meet unique business needs.Fill out the ICAM Business Partner application for more information; an ICAM representative will be contacting you shortly to further discuss various partnership opportunities.