Addressing the Challenges of Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Each and every manufacturing environment presents their own share of difficulties and challenges. But aerospace component manufacturing remains one of the most demanding industries due not only to the complexity of the materials, processes and design of the parts in question, but also the rate at which new parts must be developed and level of precision required. Add increased worldwide competition to the mix and the need for innovative, powerful and constantly evolving solutions becomes paramount.

Shorten Part Programming Turn-Around

Unlike other industries in which one could be machining the same part for many years, manufacturers of aerospace components are constantly faced with fluctuating demand for parts and low-quantity machining runs. In order to effectively address your customers changing needs without negatively affecting your bottom line, you’ll need an exceedingly efficient NC programming & machining cycle. Going from CAM file to finished part to production-ready G-Code in less time translates to lower costs, more competitive bids & ultimately, more money in your pocket. To get you there, you can turn to continued training for your NC programming staff as well as implementing time-saving solutions like our very own Adaptive Post-Processing technology.

Better Simulation, Less Proofing

Powerful CNC simulation plays an enormous role in reducing the costly trial and error proofing process at the shop-floor level, but it can be difficult to find CNC simulation software capable of delivering consistent results for 4 and 5 axis CNC machines. This is especially true in the world of aerospace component manufacturing, where both the parts and the CNC machines they’re cut on are more complex than other industries. With the right simulation software for your 4 or 5 axis machine, you can all but eliminate wasteful proofing operations and costly collisions.

Optimize Tool-Paths, Minimize Machining Time

It may seem trivial to say, but the quicker you machine a single part, the more you can complete in a day, a week and, ultimately, a year. Of course the strict quality control guidelines of the aerospace industry mean you can’t just run every cut faster. But you can work to optimize the time you don’t spend cutting. Finding the shortest safe RAPID motion between two cutting positions is certainly a challenge but recent advancements in tool-path optimization software can help get you there quicker. These micro-savings add up to considerable savings when scaled up across your entire shop and added up over an entire year.

Finding Software with Proven Aerospace Results

Not all CNC software solutions are created equally. While a basic post-processor that simply serves as a translator between you CAD/CAM system and G-Code might be enough for some people, that certainly isn’t the case for machine shops manufacturing aerospace components. They need reliable and powerful 4 and 5 axis post-processors, backed by deep technical know-how based firmly in the aerospace world. That’s why, for decades, companies like Boeing, Bombardier & Embraer have consistently turned to ICAM Technologies for their 5-axis post-processing, machine simulation and tool-path optimization software.