FFG Post-Processing & Simulation

WIth ICAM’s Integrated PSE Technology


Verified G-Code for Your FFG Machine in One Simple Step

ICAM provides factory-approved post-processing, machine simulation and control emulation for all FFG machine brands including SNK & Feeler. Integrated PSE is an NC manufacturing methodology that provides interactive post-processing, machine simulation & control emulation inside a tightly integrated software solution which includes CAM-POSTVirtual Machine & Control Emulator.

Supports a Wide Range of CAD/CAM Systems

Integrated PSE is built for complete compatibility with all major CAD/CAM systems like CATIA, NX CAM, creo & Mastercam. This flexibility allows the software to be quickly and easily integrated into your existing workflow with minimal implementation time.

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Compatible with All Types & Models of FFG CNC Machines

Integrated PSE’s advanced post-processing capabilities support all major makes and models of FFG Machines, as well as all other major brands.

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A CNC Post-Processor Builder with Advanced Capabilities

Graphic NC Post-Processing™ is a real-time graphic simulation of the block-to-block machine tool motion instructions generated by the NC post-processor. Graphic NC Post-Processing uses a single database to simultaneously execute the NC post-processor and the Virtual Machine® graphic engine. Since the two technologies are fully integrated, Virtual Machine® provides real-time feedback to the post-processor; thereby, allowing manufacturing issues such as machine collisions and over-travel to be automatically detected and repaired.


RTA is logic that can retract a tool from the material and reset to the alternate pose when rotary or linear travel is exhausted during continuous machining. Rotary axis winding and pre-positioning features provide extended uninterrupted 5D cutting. Preferred rotary positioning can be used to ensure better operator visibility or to enforce a consistent 5-axis pose where possible.

Path Planning

Using ICAM’s unique look-ahead technology, CAM-POST automatically selects the best possible path during a rapid positioning motion, avoiding any undesirable dwell marks resulting from a required rotary-turn-around. Path planning also prepositions rotary axes that are parallel to the tool if it discovers that they must be rotated midway through a continuous cut.

Rotating Tool Center Point

RTCP is a feature of advanced controllers that permit the user to output tool tip coordinates instead of control point coordinates supporting actual axes, vector, dual point, Euler, RPY or virtual axes rotary control methods. The control computes the kinematics and handles linearization for  simpler and more transportable programs, as well as full 5D tool compensation. RTCP activation and deactivation is available in the CAM program, while maintaining control over travel limit conditions and simulations.

Local Coordinate Frame Transformation

CAM-POST supports translation, rotation, scale, mirror and additive transformations. Activation of coordinate frames can be set automatically, whenever the tool orientation changes, or can be set on demand. LCS also includes recognition of preferred coordinate frame hints from the CAM system. All travel, feed and timing calculations continue to be based on the true physical configuration of the machine.

Advanced Linearization

Provides the user with controls at the tool tip as well as tool wobble (angular) controls. Linearization can be performed based on the expected tool gauge length. The user can optionally linearize RAPID motions as well.


6-Axis Support

CAM-POST now includes support for 6-Axis kinematic solutions, including advanced features tri-rotary heads as well as simultaneous co-linear shared travel.

NURBS & Arc-Fitting

NURBS fitting module allows manufacturers to machine smoother, more accurate parts in significantly less time. Interfacing with CNC controllers supporting NURBS output formats, CAM-POST NURBS fitting is capable of defining continuous curve segments with one-quarter program data as compared to traditional linear programming.

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High Speed Machining Module

Implementing ICAM’s CAM-POST High Speed Machining (HSM) module significantly increases productivity from currently installed CNC machines while preserving expensive CNC controller investments.

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A Post-Processing Solution with Real-World Savings

Integrated PSE is designed from the gate to deliver substantial savings in NC programming time. By testing while you develop your post-processor, you can considerably cut down on the time you spend testing, modifying and retesting your CAM code.

” Before we purchased ICAM, programmers at C.E. Machine had to generate  NCI through the CAM software, use a third party post-processing software to post, and then import all part, stock, and tool models into a separate verification software before programs could be sent to the shop floor.  With the solution ICAM has provided, programmers now use a single software suite to do all of the above simultaneously. “

Aaron Schwaiger, NC Programmer at C.E. Machine Company

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