Custom NX CAM Post-Processor

With Machine Simulation & Optimization

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Generate Verified & Optimized G-Code from NX CAM in One Easy Step

The majority of NX CAM post-processors on the market will only translate NX CAM files to G-Code, leaving the verification in the hands of external software. With nothing but a list of errors to go by, NC programmers are left alone to modify and test the program over and over until it comes back error-free. This trial-and-error approach to programming leads to ballooning costs, inefficient code and increases in machine cycle time.

ICAM’s NX CAM post-processors do away with this repetition by making use of Adaptive Post-Processing™, combining post-processing, verification and tool-path optimization into a single process.

Simply run your NX CAM file through Adaptive Post-processing™ and instantly reduce your NC programming and machine cycle time by up to 35%.

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A Seamless Post-Processor Experience Thanks to ICAM’s Solutions Partnership

The SIEMENS Solutions Partners Program has allowed ICAM to fully integrate its Adaptive Post-Processing™ into the existing NX CAM interface. While other post-processors run externally, ICAM’s NX CAM post-processor communicates directly with the NX Kernel, from which it gathers information on the part, stock, fixture, tool assemblies and much more. This means you can get more precise, fully optimized NC Code in less time.

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Supports All Major CNC Machines & Controllers

No matter the make or model of your CNC machine-controller pairing, ICAM’s NX CAM post-processor can be built to make the most of its potential. Designing around precise dimensions and kinematics specs is the secret to providing you with production-ready G-Code that has been completely optimized for your given CNC machining environment.

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Take What You Need, Leave What You Don’t

Whether you’re looking for a complete A-to-Z package featuring simultaneous post-processing, machine simulation & tool-path optimization or simply a traditional NX CAM post-processor, ICAM’s custom solutions are all tailored to suit your manufacturing process’ precise needs and constraints.


Each unique NX CAM post-processor is built using CAM-POST, an advanced post-processor development environment that allows ICAM’s engineers to develop custom solutions that meet the demands of CNC manufacturing operations of all kinds with unparalleled performance.

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Machine Simulation

Virtual Machine allows users to graphically test part programs for collisions & over-travels behind NX CAM. It also provides advanced features like surface gouging detection, support for multi-axis machines and much more.

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G-Code Simulation

Simulate and verify your G-Code behind NX CAM using ICAM’s Control Emulator™ with Virtual Machine®. It analyzes your G-Code and identifies machine collisions and other errors using precise machine dimensions and kinematic specifications, allowing you to correct them before costly CNC crashes occur.

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Tool-Path Optimization

ICAM’s SmartPACK lineup consists of three optimization technologies wrapped into one convenient package. It allows you find the optimal path for rapid movements, automatically adjust feed-rate based on changing depth-of-cut, eliminate time-wasting air-cuts and more.

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Get NX Post-Processor Training & Consulting from the Experts

ICAM offers a complete range of consulting & training services that allow you to get even more out of your NX CAM post-processor solution. You’ll gain powerful technical insight and knowledge that means quicker implementation, a shorter learning curve & hands-on results, which all lead to increased manufacturing efficiency.

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An NX CAM Post-Processor Delivering Industry-Proven Results

ICAM’s NX CAM post-processor solutions are trusted by aerospace, automotive and other manufacturers worldwide to deliver powerful, optimized and reliable G-Code that cuts down on programming and machining time.

“Our programming department utilizes Catia, NX, and Esprit to create complex 3-5 axis programs for a large variety of machine tools. CAM-POST software from ICAM easily enables us to generate the specific output for each machine tool we have.”

Kevin Williams, NC Programmer at Precise Machining & Manufacturing

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