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ICAM’s Technical Support group is dedicated to providing a full complement of support services to customers that have purchased Maintenance & Support with their ICAM NC manufacturing software.

Maintaining shop performance at 100% production can be difficult, especially with the introduction of new technologies and capital. This is why ICAM’s Support team is always on-hand to assist with various NC post-processing issues.

ICAM’s vast knowledge of its suite of products and constant exposure to the evolving CNC machine, controller and CAD / CAM system industries is among the reasons why 90% of customer problems are resolved within the first telephone call.


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Technical Support Overview

This Web site section presents the services provided by ICAM’s Technical Support group. This section also highlights the procedures involved with submitting a support request. The mandate of ICAM’s Technical Support group is to solve customer NC manufacturing software and application problems relating to ICAM’s product suite.

The mandate of ICAM’s Technical Support group is to solve customer NC manufacturing software and application problems relating to ICAM’s product suite. ICAM’s support technicians possess diverse and specialized troubleshooting skills. These technicians are qualified to resolve various NC manufacturing issues. ICAM’s Support personel are very motivated and enjoy day-to-day interaction with customers from major manufacturing industries around the world.

General Information

United States Tel: (407) 299-1282 
Fax: (514) 697-8621
Rest of the World Tel: (514) 697-8033 
Fax: (514) 697-8621
Office Hours Monday to Friday 
from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

ICAM’s Customer Support group provides the following services:

  • Answer questions about the capabilities of ICAM’s software
  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding NC post-processing and integrated machine tool simulation best practices and techniques
  • Verify and assist with reporting of software issues
  • Assist with software enhancement requests
  • Provide new versions of ICAM’s software containing improvements and enhancements that support current operating systems on the market
Please follow the following procedures before calling ICAM’s Technical Support group:

  • Verify the software documentation to assure that the software is being used appropriately
  • Isolate the problem – is it repeatable? If so, identify the conditions when the problem occurs
  • Document hardware type and operating system version
  • Document software version (for example 21.0-0504) – version information may be determined by running the Help About drop-down menu within QUEST, CeRUN or within the full GENER interface

Please include the following header information when communicating via email:

    Product and Version
    Description of Problem

Attach any necessary files that may help to reproduce the problem. These files may include an exported copy of the post-processor or model, the CLDATA file (preferably reduced to a bare minimum necessary to highlight the problem), a sample post-processor listing and/or tape file annotated with comments, a customized CAM interface kit and/or words file (if one is being used), etc. All files sent to ICAM will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Do not send emails to ICAM larger than 5 MB – an alternative method is to upload the data (preferably zipped) through ICAM’s FTP at Please note: data uploaded onto the FTP incoming directory cannot be viewed or downloaded by anyone other than ICAM.

License Management

This section supports users that have purchased CAM-POST and/or related productivity modules with all the necessary procedures to obtain authorization codes. This area also assists users that require license transfers from current workstations to alternate computers.


ICAM software is security locked and runs on specific computer systems that have been designated by the computer’s identification numbers.
Upon completing ICAM’s software installation procedure, users will be required to obtain the systems ID by executing the software utility named ICAMID. This utility will display the system ID for that particular computer. Carefully note the ID number within the “Authorization code Request Form”.

The “Authorization code Request Form” may be downloaded by selecting the document link. Please note, the form is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Reader is included with CAM-POST distribution CD-ROM and is freely available directly from Adobe for various Windows and Unix platforms.

Upon completing and faxing the Authorization code Request Form to ICAM Technologies, a Product Licensing representative will fax / email an authorization code(s) as well as instructions to enter the code(s) within the ICAM software. The software will be executable once the authorization code(s) have been entered into the file called a key file.

Tel: (514) 697-8033
Fax : (514) 697-8621

Support Center Special Notice to CAM-POST Users

ICAM Technologies Corporation has released and shipped CAM-POST® Version 22 to all its customers that have subscribed to its Maintenance & Support Program. ICAM will only maintain and provide technical support services to customers on the current version of CAM-POST and the prior edition.

It is therefore, recommended that all clients using older versions of CAM-POST upgrade to either V21 or V22 to take full advantage of the enhancements and advanced optimization features offered in these more recent CAM-POST releases.

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