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Are you using Foundation?

Visit our Foundation Support page. Watch our step-by-step guides to learn how to install, run and edit your CNC post-processors in Foundation and visit our support forum for answers to your questions.


General information


This Web site section presents the services provided by ICAM’s Technical Support group. This section also highlights the procedures involved in submitting a support request. The mandate of ICAM’s Technical Support group is to solve customer NC manufacturing software and application problems relating to ICAM’s product suite.

ICAM’s support technicians possess diverse and specialized troubleshooting skills. These technicians are qualified to resolve various NC manufacturing issues. ICAM’s Support personnel are very motivated and enjoy day-to-day interaction with customers from major manufacturing industries around the world.

Scope of Service

ICAM’s Customer Support group provides the following services:

  • Answer questions about the capabilities of ICAM’s software
  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding NC post-processing and integrated machine tool simulation best practices and techniques
  • Verify and assist with reporting of software issues
  • Assist with software enhancement requests
  • Provide new versions of ICAM’s software containing improvements and enhancements that support current operating systems on the market


To get your ICAM ID:

In order to run ICAM software, you require icam license keyfile. Please follow the procedure to get an icamid.

Please download ICAMID (icamid.exe) from ICAM’s WebFTP link Next, run this executable file on the computer (where the floating license server will be located)

Click the ‘Generate ICAM System ID Data’ to generate your system ID.

A new text file window will appear, with information on your PC following by the ID.

Please copy and paste the system ID, between the BEGIN and END to ICAM’s production department ( to get a license key file. In your email, please include your Customer ID (CID) or Work Order # (ex: ICAO1234) in the subject line.

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To create a support ticket:

1. Access your ICAM Customer Portal:

2. Enter your Customer ID below. If this is your first time accessing the portal, select Forget your password?. An email will be sent to allow you to change your default password.

3. To create a new ticket, select Submit New Ticket

4. Fill out the appropriate subject lines and give a brief description of your issue. For post processor modification, please attach the following documents: – Tape file with preferred modification  – CAM process and part file – input file (ex: aptsource)

You can keep track of your current ticket(s) using View Existing Tickets. An email will also be sent whenever an update is made regarding your issue.

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CAM-POST installation Set-Up

1. Select both options and click Install

  • ICAM: Productivity Tools Suite
  • ICAM: Integration Tools Suite

2. Select Next and accept the End-User License Agreement to continue

3. Select “Install ICAM data for all users on this machine” and click Next

4. Specify installation path, by default CAM-POST is installed on your local drive

5. Select Typical setup and click Next

6. Select the appropriate installation type (NODELOCK or FLOATING) depending on your license option

For Floating:
Specify the IP address of the server computer in the box below. The Host name of the server can also be used. To check if the license key is found on the server, select Validate and a message should appear at the bottom detailing the results. If the client computer is connected to the server through local area network (LAN), specify the port number and select Find to locate the floating license.

For Nodelock:
Locate the “icamflm.key” file on your client computer and select Next

7. Check all options and select Install

8. Select Finish to complete the installation of the Productivity Tool Suite

Note: If using the Nodelock installation, the license server installation will be prompted before the Integration Tool installation.

ICAM Integration Tool Installation

9. Select Next to start installing the ICAM Integration Tool Suite

10. Accept End User License Agreement to continue and click Next

11. Select Install to start the installation process

12. Select Finish to exit the setup wizard and complete the installation process

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To update Account Information

1. Log in to your ICAM Customer Portal using the login information given in your delivery email:

2. Once logged in, select Account.

How do i update my account information ICAM

3. Modify desired fields and select Submit to update account information.

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Sending Package Job File (.zpj)

This article highlights the steps to generate a package job file. This package job is the preferred method when sending help requests to an ICAM representative.

The package job generates all the necessary information

1. When posting a job, ensure that the interface option is set to FULL.

This can be changed in the integration settings OR if you are running in progress mode, you can click on More info at the end of the job to open the full interface.

2. Go to Help > Package job…

3. Save the job. The job has the extension .ZPJ. This is the file to send to ICAM, it will have the following icon.

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License management

This section supports users that have purchased CAM-POST and/or related productivity modules with all the necessary procedures to obtain authorization codes. This area also assists users that require license transfers from current workstations to alternate computers.

Obtaining Authorization Codes

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ICAM software is security locked and runs on specific computer systems that have been designated by the computer’s identification numbers.
Upon completing ICAM’s software installation procedure, users will be required to obtain the systems ID by executing the software utility named ICAMID. This utility will display the system ID for that particular computer. Carefully note the ID number within the “Authorization code Request Form”.

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The “Authorization code Request Form” may be downloaded by selecting the document link. Please note, the form is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Reader is included with CAM-POST distribution CD-ROM and is freely available directly from Adobe for various Windows and Unix platforms.

send form email icon


Upon completing and faxing the Authorization code Request Form to ICAM Technologies, a Product Licensing representative will fax / email an authorization code(s) as well as instructions to enter the code(s) within the ICAM software. The software will be executable once the authorization code(s) have been entered into the file called a key file.

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To get full support, contact our Representatives here!

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Contact the ICAM support team Here

Or create a Support Ticket Here, and an ICAM representative will get to you shortly.


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